For Older Adults Who Want Safe and Convenient Access to Cannabis

Who belongs in the Silver Cannabis Club?

Every older adult who deserves safe, convenient access to cannabis. A community in the cannabis space who should be valued, heard, and catered to.

Because feeling better shouldn’t have to be difficult or dangerous.

What are the benefits of the Silver Cannabis Club?

One benefit is that it is FREE to join!

Second, you will get a monthly Newsletter with Discount Information, Education, Events, Featured Products, and Resources to help support you with your personal cannabis needs.

Third, you will have access to direct customer service! A cannabis concierge to help solve the problems that older adults come across. Most of the hurdles I help overcome are cost, general questions, online ordering and delivery.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Alisha Diaz. I was born in October, 1976. The things that have influenced me in my life are understanding the importance of acts of service by being raised in a Christian home, being a wife and mother, and the arts. (especially music)

When I was hired to help older adults have safe and convenient access to anything Cannabis has to offer them… I was surprised as anyone that this could be a career move. But once I Googled Cannabis for Seniors there was no turning back. I became very passionate about the position.

The first thing I wanted was to make sure I was educated on all things cannabis and what it had to offer older adults. The most influential resources for, me were Americans for Safe Access, Dr. Dustin Sulak’s Healer educational program, Eloise Theisen AGPCNP-BC Chief Nursing Officer and Board President of Leaf411 and Bonni Goldstein’s book Cannabis is Medicine. They all taught me about the Endocannabinoid System and what is understood, so far, about what the plant has to offer.

My next move was to become very familiar with the products on the market. Papa and Barkley, Mary’s Medicinals and Liquid Flower became the companies that offered the most educational support and patient forward scientific background.

Lastly, I needed to build a relationship with this community by recognizing problems and offering solutions. Now a few years into this career and I love what I do! I love helping people feel better, especially a community that deserves to sleep, live and feel better!

So that’s how I went from Child Care, Hair Care, Senior Home Care to Cannabis Care.

Let me tell you, the silver community is here for it, way before the resources are in place. This Industry is evolving so fast, it is hard for people to keep up. I’m building bridges as fast as I can so you don’t have to. You just need to contact me and I will do my best to help.


I am also on the board of the Orange County Chapter of NORML. National Organization of the Regulations of Marijuana Laws. I want to work towards making sure when laws are passed the community is educated on how it will affect the Silver Community.

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Watch a Short Video

Video Producer, Philip Rebentisch, interviewed me for his website, Don’t Strain Yourself. See me answer the question, “How can older adults learn more about cannabis?”


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